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Prem Rog

Release Year - 1982
# 1
Sabhi insaan ek jaise hi toh hote hai ... wahi do haath, do paun, aankhen, kaan, chehra ... sabke ek jaise hi toh hote hai ... phir kyun koi ek, sirf ek aaisa hota hai ... joh itna pyara lagne lagta hai ... ke agar uski liye jaan bhi deni padhe ... toh haste haste di ja sakti hai
Every person is the same ... two hands, two legs, eyes, ears, face ... everyone has the same ... then why is it that there is someone, only one ... whom we adore so much ... and for whom if we have to give our life ... then we can do that laughingly
# 2
Humne saanp ko doodh pilaya ... par hum doodh pila sakte hai, toh uska sar bhi kuchal sakte hai
I have fed milk to a snake ... but if I can feed milk then I can also crush its head
# 3
Prem toh woh rog hai joh aasani se lagta nahi ... aur jab lag jaata hai na ... phir kabhi mitta nahi
Love is a disease that doesn't come easily ... and when it comes ... then it never goes away
# 4
Reet rivaaz insaan ki sahuliyat ke liye banaye jaate hai ... insaan reet rivaazo ke liye nahi
Customs and rituals are made for the ease of humans ... humans are not made for customs and rituals
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