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Release Year - 2013
# 1
Lady agar pasand aa jaaye toh pehle chaati pe lagao, mann behlao ... jee bhar jaaye toh uske pairon mein ghunghroo bandvao aur paise kamao
If you like a lady then first hug her and have fun ... and when you are done with her then tie an anklet on her and earn money
# 2
Ras nikaalta hoon jaaneman nichodkar ganna ... tera deedar ho khidki se bas yahi hai tamanna
I remove the juice by squeezing sugarcane ... my only wish is that I get a glimpse of you from the window
# 3
Joh adab mein aaye toh lehar hai ... joh ho meharbaan toh woh pyar hai
If it comes in a gesture then it's a wave ... if it's amicable then it's love
# 4
Ishq aur mushq chupaye chupta nahi ... baar baar dekhi adayein Rajjo ki, dil bharta nahi
Love and fragrance cannot be hidden ... my heart wants to see more and more gracefulness of Rajjo
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