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Sachin: A Billion Dreams

Release Year - 2017
# 1
Mere baba hamesha mujhse kehte the ... ke tumne zindagi mein cricket ko chuna hai, yeh ek baat hai ... lekin aakhir tak joh baat tumhare saath rahegi ... woh yeh hogi ki tum insaan kaise ho
My father always used told me ... it's one thing that you've chosen to play cricket in life ... but the thing that will remain with you for life ... will be the fact that, what kind of a person you are
# 2
Cricket khelna mere liye mandir jaane ki tarah tha
For me playing cricket was the equivalent of going to the temple
# 3
Har khiladi ko nirasha ke baad apne pairon pe khade hokar ladna zaroori hota hai
After any disappointment, it's important for every player to stand up on their feet and fight
# 4
Bharat koi ek desh nahi hai ... ek Bharat mein hazar Bharat base huye hai
India is not a single country ... in one India there are thousands of India settled
# 5
Sachin Bharat ke liye sirf ek hero ya icon nahi hai, usse kahin zyada hai ... ek bhavna hai
Sachin is not just a hero or an icon for India, he's much bigger than that ... he's an emotion
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