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Release Year - 2017
# 1
Mumbai you're killing me ... tu bhi andar se khokli hai ... main bhi
Mumbai you're killing me ... you're empty from within ... and so am I
# 2
Kya success ki seedi par upar aur upar chadte jaana hi sab kuch hai ... aisi success ka kya faida joh hamare apno ko humse door karde ... unko apne saath leke chalo toh aur bhi maza aayega
Is climbing the ladder of success higher and higher everything ... what's the use of that success which takes us farther from our dear ones ... take them with you and you'll enjoy it even more
# 3
Asli bahadur woh nahi hote joh camera ke peeche sawaal poochte hai ... asli bahaduri woh dikhate hai joh camera ke samne aakar sach bolne ki himmat rakhte hai
People who ask questions behind a camera are not brave people ... instead people who have the courage to speak the truth in front of the camera are brave people
# 4
Himmat toh josh mein aakar koi bhi dikha sakta hai ... par sabar se kaam lena yeh har kisi ke bas ki baat nahi hai ... aur yahi fark hai ek amateur aur ek professional ke beech
Anyone can show their courage in the heat of the moment ... but not everyone is capable of handling the situation with patience ... and that shows the difference between an amateur and a professional
# 5
Meri aadhi zindagi Mumbai ke roads pe kat'ti hai ... average commuting time Mumbai Dubai ki flight se zyada ... aur turbulence full
I spend half my life on the roads of Mumbai ... my average commuting time is more than a Mumbai Dubai flight ... and with full turbulence
# 6
Is saal main seedhi savitri se tedhi savitri banungi
This year I'm going to change from a simple woman to a wicked woman
# 7
The trouble is you think you've got the time
The trouble is you think you've got the time
# 8
Yahan supari deke kisi ko jaan se maar dalna, ek decent ladka dhoondne se zyada aasaan hai
Here getting someone killed with a contract, is more easier than finding a decent guy
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