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Chalte Chalte (1976)

Release Year - 1976
# 1
Khoon teen kisam ke hote hai ... ek jis mein khoon behta hai ... doosra jis mein aansun behte hai ... aur teesra jis mein jazbaat beh jaate hai
There are three types of murder ... one in which blood flows ... second in which tears flow ... and third in which emotions flow
# 2
Yakeen ek dhaage ki tarah hota hai ... joh toot jaaye toh jud nahi sakta ... aur agar joda jaaye toh gaant padh jaati hai
Trust is like a thread ... which can't be connected once it breaks ... and if you try to connect it then a knot forms in it
# 3
Doctor dawaon se jism ka ilaaj karta hai aur physiatrist dimaag se dimaag ka ... dil ke paas pahunch kar, usse samajh kar, samjha kar
A doctor treats the body with medicines and a physiatrist treats the mind using his mind ... by going close to the heart, by understanding it, by making it understand
# 4
Patte theek pad gaye toh jeet nahi toh haar ... jaise dil mil gaye toh pyar nahi toh takraar
If you get good cards then you'll win or else you'll lose ... just like if the hearts unite then there's love or else there's quarrel
# 5
Ek aurat sab kuch bhool sakti hai ... lekin yeh kabhi nahi ki uska pati kaun hai
A woman can forget everything ... but she can never forget who her husband is
# 6
Koi dil ke kitne paas hai yeh tab hi malum hota hai ... jab woh nazaron se door ho
You only come to know how close a person is to your heart ... when they're not in front of your eyes
# 7
Ek ladki sab kuch bardasht kar sakti hai, lekin yeh kabhi nahi ... jisse woh chahe, kisi aur ko chahne lage
A girl can tolerate everything except one thing ... that whom she loves, he loves someone else
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