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Dia Mirza

# 1
Aap kis zamane ki baat kar rahe hai, I don't understand ... aap toh VT station se bhi purane hai
What era are you talking about, I don't understand ... you are older than the VT (Victoria Terminus) station
# 2
Ajeeb hai yeh pyar ... jitna tumse milti hoon, utna hi apne aapko tumse door mehsoos karti hoon
Love is strange ... the more I meet you, that much more I feel far away from you
# 3
The best ilaaj for a break up is also a patch up
The best cure for a break up is also a patch up
# 4
Hamari joh har aadat hai woh kabhi na kabhi hamari choice hua karti thi ... choice sahi hona chahiye bas
Every habit that we have, it has been our choice at some time in the past ... hence we must select the right choices, that's it
# 5
Jaane ki baat jaane se pehle kare ... toh taqleef hoti hai
If you talk about leaving before leaving ... then it hurts
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