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Satyamev Jayate

Release Year - 1987
# 1
Tujh jaise third class aadmi ke liye ... third degree treatment ki zaroorat hai
For a third class person like you ... a third degree treatment is necessary
# 2
Tum jaise raees pyar karte nahi ... pyar khareedtein hai
Rich people like you don't fall in love ... they buy love
# 3
Aaj main tujhe kisi adaalat mein pesh karne ke liye giraftar nahi karoonga ... aaj main tujhe uss upar waale ki adaalat mein pahunchaonga jahan tujh jaise haraamzadon ka faisla ... bagair behas ke hota hai
Today I will not arrest you to present you in any court ... today I will send you to the court of God where decisions on bastards like you ... are taken without any discussions
# 4
Woh roj raat ko naye ghat ka pani peeti hai
Every night she drinks water from a new mountain
# 5
Zulm karne waale aur zulm sehne waale dono ... aakhir mein hamesha ek ho jaate hai
The one who does the injustice and the one who bears the injustice ... in the end they both always become one
# 6
Tumhari jagah koi kabil officer hota toh FIR - First Information Report hoti ... Fake Information Report nahi
If there was a capable officer instead of you he would have made a FIR - First Information Report ... and not a Fake Information Report
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