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Chacha Bhatija

Release Year - 1977
# 1
Shehar kitna bhi ajnabee kyun na ho ... koi na koi toh apna mil hi jaata hai
No matter how alien a city is ... you do find someone that is near to you
# 2
Anaaj toh bahut pehda hota hai seth ... magar usse gareebon ke pet nahi tum logon ke godaam bhare jaate hai ... tabhi toh tum logon ki tijori mein rakha hua paisa nahi gina ja sakta ... magar gareebon ke jism ki pasliyan zaroor gini ja sakti hai
A lot of crops get harvested sir ... but your warehouses are filled with it, instead of the stomach of poor people ... and that's why the money stored in your vault's cannot be counted ... but the bones within the bodies of poor people can definitely be counted
# 3
Duniya mein saare rishte mohabbat ke rishte hote hai ... agar mohabbat hai toh paraye bhi apne ho jaate hai ... agar mohabbat nahi toh khoon bhi khoon ko nahi pehchanta
All the relationships in the world are that of love ... if there is love then even strangers become our dear ones ... and if there is no love then people don't even recognize their own blood
# 4
Mujhe na chhedo yaaron main nashe mein hoon ... sheeshay mein main, main mein nasha, main nashe mein hoon
Don't tease me my friends since I'm intoxicated ... I'm in a bottle, intoxication is within me, and I'm intoxicated
# 5
Jeena zaroori hai, jeene ke liye peena zaroori hai, peene ke liye jeena ... khair hum toh sharaab peete hai ... joh nahi peete, khaak jeete hai
Living is important, but to live drinking is important, and to drink it's important to live ... anyways I do drink alcohol ... but those who don't drink are not living a life
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