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Mushtaq Khan

# 1
Jinko aata tha gussa kutte pe kabhi ... unko kutte pe pyar aata hai abhi
Someone who got angry seeing a dog in the past ... now loves a dog
# 2
Paanch ungliyon se banta hai tamacha ... jinke padte hi ban jaata hai tamasha
A slap is made from 5 fingers ... and when you get slapped then it becomes a grand show
# 3
Agar khul gaya yeh bhed ... toh aapki izzat mein ho jayega chhed
If this secret is out ... then a hole will be created in your dignity
# 4
Udhaar lene waale ko ek saal bhi ek din ke barabar lagta hai ... lekin udhaar dene waale ko ek din bhi saal bhar ke barabar lagta hai
A year feels like a day for the one who takes the loan ... and a day feels like a year for the one who gives the loan
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