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Well Done Abba

Release Year - 2009
# 1
Yeh fareban baaton ki machine gun ghumakar ... mere dil, dimaag aur gurde ka chindiyan bana diya
These cheaters spun the machine gun of talks ... and made pieces of my heart, brain and kidney
# 2
Badi achchi baat hai ... din mein bhi raat hai ... chalo Allah hamare saath hai
It's alright ... there is night even during the day ... and Allah is with us
# 3
Bekaar mein nakko seena taan ... bolo mohabbat ki zubaan
Don't widen your chest for no use ... just speak the language of love
# 4
Makkaron se kabhi mat daro ... daro toh apne aap se ... aur daro toh dar darke zinda rehne se
Never fear cunning people ... if you want to fear then fear yourself ... and if you want to fear then fear from living in fear
# 5
Kya khoob pehghaam aapne hai pesh kiya ... hatheli ka hai mail daulat, kya liya aur kya diya
What a great message you have given ... money is dust of the hand, what have you taken and what have you given
# 6
Batlaiye kya cheez hoon jisse jahan mehake hai ... lakh sambhalo magar baar baar behake hai ... ishq hai naam uska jisse jahan mehake hai ... tere sandeshe mein joh bulbul ki tarah chehke hai
Tell me what is the thing with which the world gets it's fragrance ... no matter how much you take care of it but still it's intoxicated ... love is the name with which the world gets it's fragrance ... and it's chirping like a bulbul in your message
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