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Suman Ranganathan

# 1
Dil aur mandir ek jaise hote hai ... nah mandir se koi murat hatai ja sakti hai ... aur na hi dil mein basi hui surat bhulai ja sakti hai
A heart and a temple are like each other ... an idol cannot be removed from a temple ... and neither can a face settled in the heart be forgotton
# 2
Hum zindagi se naraaz ho jaye toh zindagi ko toh kuch bhi farak nahi padta ... woh toh chalti hi rahegi ... hum mein zindagi se kuch khushiyan churani hai
If we get disappointed with life then life is not affected by that ... it will keep on moving ... but we have to steal some happiness from life
# 3
Kabhi na kabhi, kahin na kahin yeh deewana maara jayega ... sheeshay mein dil ke utara jayega
Someday, somewhere you'll fall in love ... and you'll be locked into the bottle of the heart
# 4
Jahan faulaad bhi kaam nahi aata, wahan kali kaam aati hai ... apne husn ki chamak se, dushman ko andha banati hai
Where a man of steel is of no use, there a girl can be of use ... she uses the shine of her body, to turn the enemy blind
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