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Shahid Kapoor

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# 41
Dosti ki bhasha sabse alag hoti hai ... woh sirf dil ki baat sunti hai
The language of friendship is different from all ... it listens only to the voice of heart
# 42
Marke hi pata chalta hai ki zinda rahe toh jeeye nahi ... aur marke bhi bache nahi
Only after dying we come to know that, when we were alive we were not living ... and we didn't escape even after dying
# 43
Tumhari duniya mein roshni hai, zindagi hai, umeedein hai ... meri duniya mein sirf andhera hai aur kuch nahi
You have light, life, hopes in your world ... I only have darkness in my world and nothing else
# 44
Cricket mein player nahi ... uska bat bolta hai
In cricket the player doesn't talk ... his bat does
# 45
Jaane jahan tujhe kya kahoon ... mere khawabon mein, meri baaton mein, meri neendon mein, meri raaton mein bas tu hi tu ... jaaneman meri zindagi hai tu
My love what should I tell you ... it is just you in my dreams, in my words, in my sleep, in my nights ... my love you are my life
# 46
Ab tak tumpar marta tha ... ab tumhare liye marr mitna hai
Until now I was madly in love with you ... now I am going to die for you
# 47
Don't todho my dil ... please aake tu mil ... I promise we will just chill
Don't break my heart ... please come and meet me ... I promise we will just chill
# 48
Tujhe samjhana jaise haathi ko chaddi pehnana hai
Explaining something to you is as tough as making an elephant wear an underwear
# 49
Ek beta gaya hai apna farz nibhane ... doosra yahan apna farz nibhayega
One son has gone to fulfill his duty ... the other will fulfill his duty here
# 50
Aap ki shakal dekhar koi nahi bol sakta ki aap itna achcha soch sakte hai
Looking at your face no one can say that you can think so good
# 51
Tujhe dene ke liye toh is duniya mein koi gaali bhi nahi hai
There is not even a single curse in this world that can be given to you
# 52
Bahar Nana Patekar, andar Amol Palekar!
You're Nana Patekar from outside and Amol Palekar from inside!
# 53
Roses are red, violets are blue ... roz roz SMS karne waale, kaun hai be tu?
Roses are red, violets are blue ... who are you, sending me texts everyday?
# 54
Kalyug mein zindagi badi kaiyan hai ... aur log maha kaminey
In the age of vice life's a bitch ... and people are dogs
# 55
(Apni jaan se bhi keemti kuch aur hai kya?) ... Hai, woh ke jiske liye mara jaa sake
(Is there anything more important than your own life?) ... There is, the one for whom you're willing to die
# 56
Do log tabhi milte hai jab destiny unko milvana chahti hai
Two people only meet when destiny wants them to meet
# 57
Phoota hua naseeb aur tezz dimaag ... bahut khatarnak combination hota hai
Bad luck and a sharp mind ... is a very deadly combination
# 58
Jitni acting parde par hoti hai ... usse kahi zyada parde ke peeche hoti hai boss
The amount of acting that happens behind the screen ... is much more than the acting that happens on the screen
# 59
Maa jab jhoot bole na ... nahi achchi lagti
When a mother lies ... she doesn't look good
# 60
Agar tum destiny ko maanti ho toh yeh ittefaq ho nahi sakta ... aur agar yeh ittefaq hai toh main yeh chahunga ke aaisa khubsoorat ittefaq mere saath roz ho
If you believe in destiny then this can't be a coincidence ... and if this is a coincidence then I would want that such a coincidence should happen with me everyday
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