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Shiddat (Reprise)


Lyrics Translation
Aap bhi yahin ho, paas hoon main tereYou're here and I'm close to you as well
Mehsoos kar na mujheTry to feel me
Basar kar raha hoon teri hasi meinI reside in your smile
Tujhse milakar tujheI'm helping you discover yourself

Mujhse agar milna ho toh khud se tu milnaIf you ever want to meet me then just meet yourself
Mujhse joh karni thi khud se tu karnaIf you ever want to tell me something then just tell yourself
Woh sari baatein joh baaki bachi thiAll the things that you still want to tell me
Haan khulke batana mujheTell them all to me openly

Wo wo wo ... na na na ... na na naWo wo wo ... na na na ... na na na
Aa shiddat bana loon tujheCome, let me turn you into my passion

Saansein nahi par jeeta rahungaI don't have breaths left but I'll continue to live
Tera tha tera hi tera rahungaI was yours and I'll always be yours
Tere liye meri sari ibadatAll my prayers will be there for you
Aur shiddat bhi tere liyeAnd all my passion will be there for you

Mere likhe khat dobara se padnaRead all my letters once again
Aansun joh aaye toh thoda sa hasnaIf tears come in your eyes then smile a bit
Jitni bhi yaadein meri tujh mein basi haiAll my memories that are settled in you
Shiddat bana le unheTurn them into your passion
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