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Release Year - 1973
# 1
Jee toh janwar bhi lete hai ... lekin insaan ussi ko kehte hai joh samajhdari se jee sake
Even an animal lives on ... but the one who lives sensibly is called a human
# 2
Chahe mujhe zindagi bhar tumhe talaash karna padhe ... main tumhe dhoondunga zaroor ... aur phir joh tumhara haal karoonga ... usse dekhkar tumhare farishtey bhi kaanp uthenge
Even if I have to search for you throughout my life ... I'll definitely find you ... and then the condition that I'll do of yours ... seeing that even your angels will get scared
# 3
Khoj ek nasha hai, ek ishq hai ... jis mein khoj karne waala khoya rehta hai
Discovery is an intoxication, it is love ... in which the person doing the discovery is lost
# 4
Taqatwar se taqatwar insaan bhi kuch ghadiyon mein kamzor se kamzor ho jaata hai
In some moments of time even the strongest of the person can become the weakest of all
# 5
Badle badle mere sarkar nazar aate hai ... aur mujhko barbaadi ke aasaar nazar aate hai
My love looks very different ... and I see the symptoms of destruction
# 6
Mohabbat ek kaanta hai joh bas chukar toot jaye ... mohabbat ki bas itni dastaan hai
Love is a thorn that touches and breaks ... this is the story of love
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