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Ganga Ki Saugand

Release Year - 1978
# 1
Zulm karne waala bhi paapi ... aur zulm sehne waala bhi paapi
The one who does injustice is evil ... and the one who endures the injustice is also evil
# 2
Ek hi saf mein khade ho gaye mahmood-o-ayaz ... na koi banda raha aur na koi banda-nawaz
When the king and the slave stand in a single file side by side ... then there is no servant and neither there is a master
# 3
Ek baar mann ko saaf kar lo ... bar bar snaan nahi karna padega
For once clean your heart ... you won't have to take a bath everytime
# 4
Aaj hum teri jawani se zaroor khelenge
Today I will definitely play with your youth
# 5
Bhagwan ki dharti bahut badi hai ... aur insaan ke kadam bahut chote
The land of God is very big ... and the steps of humans are very small
# 6
Agar tum mere tukde tukde bhi kar doo ... phir bhi mera har tukda haq ki aawaaz dega
If you cut me into pieces ... then to every piece of mine will shout for the right
# 7
Zaalim ka zulm jaan le sakta hai ... lekin haq ki awaaz ko nahi daba sakta
The injustice of a ruthless person can take a life ... but it cannot suppress the voice of a right
# 8
Jeevan ke saath itna prem na karo ... varna marte samay bahut dukh hoga
Don't love life so much ... otherwise you will be very sad when you die
# 9
Aaj tune aag mein haath daala hai
Today you have put your hand in the fire
# 10
Agar mera beta marr gaya ... toh teri is dharti par mere bete ki maut nahi ... sachchai aur nyay ki maut hogi
If my son dies ... then it will not be the death of my son on this earth ... it will be the death of truth and justice
# 11
Lala ka byaz ... paapi ki umar ki tarah badhta hi chala ja raha hai
The interest of Lala ... is growing like the age of an evil person
# 12
Kitni oonchi baat kahi hai aapne ... mann pavitra ho gaya
You have said such a great thing ... that my heart has become pure
# 13
Zulm ki tahani kabhi phalti nahi ... nav kagaz ki sada chalti nahi
The branch of injustice never grows ... and a paper boat cannot float forever
# 14
Zindagi mein tune jitne paap kiye hai ... aaj main tujhe utne hi zakhm dunga
The number of sins that you have committed in your life ... today I will give you that many wounds
# 15
Dard-e-dil ke vaaste pehda kiya insaan ko ... varna puja ke liye farishtey kam na the bhagwan ko
God created humans because of the heart ... otherwise he was not short of angels for prayers
# 16
Bhagwan ne har shaitaan ke liye ek devta banaya hai
God has created a deity for every devil that he has created
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