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Naya Daur (1978)

Release Year - 1978
# 1
Jab hamari dharti par raat utarti hai toh paap jaag uthta hai ... insaan shaitan ka roop dharan kar leta hai ... aur lagta hai shayad subah kabhi na ho
When night falls on our world then sin awakens ... humans take the guise of a devil ... and it feels like morning will never come
# 2
Zindagi ki university mein aaj tumhara pehla imtihan hai ... agar pass ho gaye toh degree ki jagah maal hi maal hai ... aur agar fail ho gaye toh inaam mein police ki goliyan ya jail
Today is your first exam in the university of life ... if you pass then instead of a degree you'll get a lot of money ... and if you fail then as a prize you'll get bullets from police or jail
# 3
Tumne is waqt aaise aadmi ka haath pakad rakha hai ... jiske apne haathon mein sivah lakeeron aur kuch bhi nahi
You have held the hand of such a person at this moment ... who has nothing but the lines of destiny in his hand
# 4
Kisi aadmi ki aukaat janane ke liye ... uske jooton par hi ek nazar dalna kaafi hai
To know the status of a person ... one look at his shoes is more than enough
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