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The White Tiger

Release Year - 2021
# 1
Ek Indian businessman wohi hai joh seedha bhi ho aur tedha bhi ... joh aastik bhi ho aur nastik bhi ... joh kapti bhi ho aur sacha bhi ... sab kuch ek saath
An Indian businessman is someone who is straightforward and a crook as well ... who is a theist and an atheist as well ... who is a cheat and a honest person as well ... everything together
# 2
Gareeb ke liye upar aane ke sirf do hi raaste hai ... jurm ya politics
A poor person has only two ways to come up ... crime or politics
# 3
Purane dino mein jab Hindustan sone ki chidiya hua karta tha ... tab yahan hazaron jaatiyan thi ... par aaj kal sirf do tarah ki jaat hai ... pehli jinka pet bada hai aur doosri jinki bhookh ... jinki kismat mein do cheezein hai ... ya toh nighalo ya niwala bano
In the good old days when India was a golden bird ... then there were thousands of different castes ... but nowadays there are only two types of caste ... first those who have a big belly and second who are hungry for food ... and they have only two options in their destiny ... either eat someone or become their bite
# 4
Ghulami na karne ki azaadi, ek din, ek ghante, ek minute, ek pal ke liye bhi bahut hi keemti hai
The freedom from slavery has a lot of value even for one day, for one hour, for one minute, for one moment
# 5
Bharat ek desh mein do duniya hai ... ek ujaale ki aur ek andhere ki
India is one country but it has two worlds in it ... one with light and one with darkness
# 6
Hamare desh mein chahe peene ka pani, bijli, gutter, sadak, sarkari busen, safai, sachai, salika aur samay ki keemat kuch na ho ... par businessmen zaroor hai
Our country may not have drinking water, electricity, gutters, roads, government buses, cleanliness, honesty, manners and the value of time ... but still we have businessmen
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