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Release Year - 2015
# 1
Insaaf hum mein tabhi milega ... jab hum na tootenge aur na bikenge
We will only get justice ... if we don't break and neither do we get sold
# 2
Dena hai poora do sammaan ... mat do adhoora gyaan
If you want to give, then give full respect ... but don't give incomplete knowledge
# 3
Jab jab auraton ki aankhon se aasoon bahe hai ... mardon ka khoon khaula hai
Whenever the eyes of women have shed tears ... then the blood of men has boiled
# 4
Agar aap badlav chahte hai toh uski shuruvat aap khud se kare ... uski shuruvat aap khud bane
If you want a change then start by changing yourself first ... you yourself should become the reason for it
# 5
Satya pareshan hota hai ... lekin parajit nahi
Truth can be troublesome ... but it can't be defeated
# 6
Tumko dekha toh yeh khayal aaya ... zindagi dhoop aur tum naram chaaya
I got a feeling when I saw you ... that life is sunshine and you're a soft shade
# 7
Har maa baap yeh chahte hai ki unka beta Bhagat Singh jaisa ho ... par koi yeh nahi chahta ki Bhagat Singh unke ghar mein pehda ho
Every parent desires that their child must be like Bhagat Singh ... but no one wants Bhagat Singh to be born in their house
# 8
Mushkil nahi hai jeet ... sirf soch aur nazariya badlo
It's not hard to win ... just change your thinking and the way you look at things
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