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Release Year - 2016
# 1
Qayamat bhi kya cheez hai ... na dastak, na aaghaaz ... jab mann kiya sar uthake aa jaati hai aur sab jalakar raakh kar deti hai
Disaster is also such a strange thing ... without any news or notification of coming ... it comes straight at us and burns everything to ashes
# 2
Ek bas seene mein dil chahiye ... aap poori kaiyanaat se ladh padoge
All you need is a heart in your body ... and you'll be ready to fight the entire universe with it
# 3
Khuda ki barkat hai mohabbat ... mohabbat karo toh toot ke, bina khauf ke, bina sharm ke, bina soch ke ... agar jeet gaye toh kya kehna ... haare bhi toh baazi maat nahi
Love is God's blessing ... if you love then do it to the fullest, without fear, without feeling shy, without thinking ... if you win then nothing like it ... and even if you lose, then still the battle is not lost
# 4
Khud se azaadi toh sirf maut hi de sakti hai ... ya phir ishq
Only death can free you from yourself ... or else love
# 5
Pyar bhi ajeeb janwar hai ... chabuk taan do, bhookha maar do, zinda gaad do ... par kambakht baaz nahi aata
Love is a strange kind of animal ... even if you hit it with a whip, keep it hungry and bury it alive ... but it still doesn't give up
# 6
Yeh ishq nahi aasaan ... ya toh dooboge ya tairke nikloge
Love is not an easy thing ... either you'll drown in it or you'll swim and pass it
# 7
Agar meri kismat mein sirf khaak likha hai ... mujhe qubool hai ... agar yeh hi meri aakhri aah hai ... mujhe qubool hai ... qubool hai, qubool hai, qubool hai
If there are only ashes written in my destiny ... then I accept it ... if this is my last sigh ... then I accept it ... I accept it, I accept it, I accept it
# 8
Kuch cheezein apni jagah pe hi theek rehti hai ... door se dekh lo, aankhen sek lo ... haath lagao toh gayab ho jaati hai
Some things look good in their own place ... you can look at them from a distance and make your eyes happy ... but if you touch them, then they disappear
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