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Pati Parmeshwar

Release Year - 1990
# 1
Chup chaap anyay sehna kamzori hai ... magar anyay karne waale ko chetavani dekar muqabale ki ghoshana karke ... mann ki dhirdta se, magar ahinsa se uske anyay ka anth dekhna kamzori nahi, shakti hai
It is weakness to bear injustice ... but challenging a sinner, announcing a battle ... and to watch the end of injustice with non-violence and a strong heart is power, and not weakness
# 2
Dharti par itna anyay karne ke baad bhi ... insaan ko jeene ke liye, palne ke liye, yahan tak ki marne ke liye bhi dharti ko gaud chahiye ... yahi dharti ki jeet hai
Even after committing so many sins on the earth ... to live, to grow and even to die a human needs the lap of the earth ... this is victory for the earth
# 3
Atmavishvas se insaan ko hi nahi ... bhagwan ko bhi jeeta ja sakta hai
With self confidence you can not only win a person ... but God as well
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