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Bombai Ka Babu

Release Year - 1960
# 1
Pyar ek jazbe ka naam hai joh insaan ke mann mein hota hai
Love is the name of an emotion that is within the heart of a person
# 2
Woh sab kuch joh mujhe nahi kehna chahiye tha main tumse hamesha kehta raha ... ab jab kuch kehna chahta hoon toh kuch keh nahi pa raha hoon
Everything that I shouldn't have said I always kept telling you ... and now when I want to say something then I'm not able to say anything
# 3
Duniya ek dhol zaroor hai lekin awaaz bajane waale ke haath mein hai ... jaisa haath vaisi awaaz
The world is definitely a drum but the sound is in the hands of the person playing it ... and the sound is related to the type of hands
# 4
Har maa ke dil ke kisi kone mein ek bahu chupi hoti hai ... joh ek din haathon mein kadhe, paon mein chhade ... cham-cham karti chali aati hai
Inside every mother's heart in some corner there is a daughter-in-law hidden ... who one day wears bangles in her hands, anklets in her feet ... and comes over chiming in
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