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Achala Sachdev

# 1
Zindagi achche burre tajurbon ka silsila hai ... burre ko toh bhool jaana chahiye aur achche ko seene se lagake rakhna chahiye
Life is a sequence of good and bad experiences ... you should forget the bad ones and you should keep the good ones close to your heart
# 2
Jis desh mein humne janam liya hai ... us desh mein sachai ki puja hoti hai ... sach ke sivah zubaan par kuch nahi aa sakta
The country in which we are born ... in that country truth is worshipped ... and I'll say nothing but the truth
# 3
Har maa ke dil ke kisi kone mein ek bahu chupi hoti hai ... joh ek din haathon mein kadhe, paon mein chhade ... cham-cham karti chali aati hai
Inside every mother's heart in some corner there is a daughter-in-law hidden ... who one day wears bangles in her hands, anklets in her feet ... and comes over chiming in
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