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Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero

Release Year - 2005
# 1
Tum mujhe khoon do ... main tumhe azaadi doonga!
You give me blood ... and I'll give you independence!
# 2
Agar akele choot jao aur satya tumhare saath hai ... toh aage badne se mat darna
If you are left alone and if the truth is with you ... then don't be afraid of moving forward
# 3
Phirta raha main desh desh, mann mein usse basaye ... uske ird-gird jeevan ke lamhe mittaye, banaye
I used to roam from one country to another country keeping her in my heart ... I made and erased the moments of life near her
# 4
Waqt aane de bata denge tujhe aasmaan ... hum abhi se kya batayein kya hamare dil mein hai
Hey sky, let the time come I'll show it you ... why should I tell from now itself what is there in my heart
# 5
Kisi ke samne yeh sar kabhi jhuka hi nahi hai ... sivah uske joh duniya banane waala hai ... yeh jism hai jisse tum mitta bhi sakte ho ... mere zameer ki awaaz mitt nahi sakti
This head has never bowed down in front of anyone ... other than the who has created this world ... you can erase my body ... but the voice of my conscience can't be erased
# 6
Gaaziyon mein boo rahegi jab talak imaan ki ... takht-e-London tak chalegi teg Hindustan ki
Until the warriors have even a shred of honesty in them ... till then the Indian sword will keep on reaching the throne of England
# 7
Bina keemat chukaye is duniya mein kuch haasil nahi hota ... aur azaadi ki keemat hai shahadat
You don't get anything in this world without paying a price for it ... and the price for freedom is martyrdom
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