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Runway 34

Release Year - 2022
# 1
Kabhi us jagah mat jaana jahan tumhari soch tumse pehle pahunch jaye
Never go to a place where your thoughts reach before you
# 2
Galati karne ke baad aap sirf teen cheezein kar sakte hai ... galati ko maanna, galati se seekhna, aur doobara us galati ko na karna
After making a mistake you can only do three things ... accept the mistake, learn from the mistake, and don't repeat that mistake
# 3
Main cheezein kabhi bhoolta nahi ... I have a photographic memory
I never forget things ... I have a photographic memory
# 4
Har hadse ke do pehlu hote hai ... kya hua aur kaise hua ... is kya aur kaise ke beech mein joh daira hai ... sach wahin chupa hota hai
Every incident has two sides ... what happened and how did it happen ... in the gap that exists between the what and the how ... the truth is hidden over there
# 5
Galatiyan sabse hoti hai, mujhse bhi hoti hai ... lekin galatiyon ko na maanna aapka character darshata hai
Everyone makes mistakes, even me ... but not accepting your mistakes shows your character
# 6
Apne shabd aur samay ko bahut hi soch samajhkar karchiyega ... yeh dobara lautkar nahi aate
Spend your words and your time wisely ... as they don't come back
# 7
Tum khud par yakeen nahi karoge na ... toh duniya mein koi bhi tum par yakeen nahi karega
If you don't have faith in yourself ... then no one in this world will have faith in you
# 8
Mausam aur insaan jab milkar galati karte hai na ... toh it's a sure shot recipe for disaster
When weather and humans together make a mistake ... then it's a sure shot recipe for disaster
# 9
Aapke shabd aapke actions se mel nahi kha rahe hai ... aur aapke actions aapke shabdon ke saath mel nahi kha rahe hai
Your words don't match with your actions ... and your actions don't match with your words
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