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Release Year - 2018
# 1
Jawani mein aise pyar bhare kaand karne chahiye ... varna bhudape mein Ganga mein jaake dhoyenge kya
One must commit to these naughty things of love in their youth ... or else what sins will you erase in the river Ganga in your old age
# 2
Besharam gende ki behaya khaal ... bina pancho ki chaupal
You're like the ugly skin of a rowdy rhinoceros ... you're like a gathering without any knowledgeable men
# 3
Jaise dhoti pehenke koi bhi Gandhi nahi ban jaata hai ... chikni chameli pe dance karne wali koi Katrina nahi ban jaati hai ... waise hi tie, suit, boot, formal pehenke English bolne wala salesman nahi ban sakta hai
Like anyone can't become Gandhi just by wearing a loincloth ... like anyone can't become Katrina Kaif by dancing on her famous song ... just like that you can't become a salesman just by speaking in English while wearing a tie, a suit and boots
# 4
Kya kadardano se yeh mehfil khali hai ... na kahin seeti na kahin taali hai
Doesn't this gathering have people who appreciate ... because I can't hear whistles or clapping
# 5
Tu jaaye toh woh aaye ... woh aaye toh ho jaaye
When you go then she'll come ... when she'll come then that will happen
# 6
Butter utna hi lagao jitna kha paao ... aisa na ki butter lagao aur phisal jaao
Apply only that amount of butter what you can eat ... or else you'll slip in that butter itself
# 7
Abhe kabab mein haddi ... chhed wali chaddi
You're like a bone in the flesh ... and you're like an underwear with a hole
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