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Manoj Kumar

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# 21
Duniya abhi tak woh bandook nahi bana saki joh sachai ka khoon kar sake, nekki ko khatam kar sake
The world has not yet been able to make that gun which can kill truth, which can end good deeds
# 22
Deshwasi ke seene se goli paar nahi hoti ... vapas jaati hai
A bullet cannot pass through the chest of a patriot ... it returns back
# 23
Ameeri aur gareebi ke darmiyan yeh joh fasla hai na ... yeh sadiyon se badta hi ja raha hai ... isse koi kam na kar saka
The gap between the rich and the poor ... is growing since ages ... no one has been able to reduce that
# 24
Kasam lelo joh mehfil mein tumhe danista dekha ho ... nazar aakhir nazar hai beirrada uth gayi hogi ... tajub kya lagi agar aa gaye Meena ji seene mein ... hazaron dil mein angaray bhare the, dab gayi hogi
I swear I didn't stare at you deliberately in the party ... the eyes are after all eyes and they must have raised unintentionally ... it's not strange that Ms. Meena is in my heart ... there were thousands of heart filled with flames and she must have been crushed in
# 25
Lipat jaate hai woh bijli ki darr se ... ilahi yeh ghata do din toh barse
She hugs me fearing the lightning ... oh god let this rain fall for a couple of days
# 26
Naukri milne ke baad kaam rahe na rahe ... lekin naukri dhoondna bahut bada kaam hai
Whether there is work or not after I get a job ... finding a job is big work itself
# 27
Humko toh gardish-e-haalat pe rona aaya ... rone waale tujhe kis baat pe rona aaya?
I was crying looking at my situation ... what are you crying for?
# 28
Jab jab insaan ke haath nek kaam karte hai ... unhe jalna padta hai, chaale padte hai ... phir aaise hi haathon par pyar ka marham lagta hai
When the hands of a person perform good deeds ... they have to burn and get blisters ... and then on these hands we apply the ointment of love
# 29
Sach joh kisi ki jaan lele ... usse kahin achcha hai woh jhoot joh kisi ko maut ke mooh se bacha le
A lie that saves someone from the mouth of death is much better than ... the truth that kills someone
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