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Reshma and Shera

Release Year - 1972
# 1
Jiski maut jis ghadi likhi hoti hai ... ussi ghadi aati hai
When the time of death is defined ... then death comes at that time itself
# 2
Joh veer Rajput apna sar jhukakar dushman ka dil jeet le ... woh sar uthakar jag jeetega
A brave warrior that can win the heart of an enemy by bowing down his head ... he can win the universe with his head held high
# 3
Virodh se kabhi virodh nahi mitt sakta ... apnepan ke khrod, apne ahankar ko maarkar, apne pyar se hi jag ka virodh mitta sakte hai
You cannot erase revolt with a revolt ... you can erase the revolt of the universe by killing your anger, killing your ego and with your love
# 4
Joh kabhi nahi hota ... wohi ek din zaroor hota hai
The thing that never happens ... it definitely happens one day
# 5
Main tujhe aaisi maut maroonga ... joh maut kisi dushman ne kisi dushman ko bhi na di hogi
I will give you such a death ... which is not yet given by any enemy to any enemy
# 6
Sagad Singh dushman ke dost ko bhi apna dushman manta hai
Sagad Singh considers the friend of his enemy, as an enemy as well
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