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Javed Jaffrey

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# 21
Laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahi maante ... "Ghosts of the kicks not listening to the talks"
People who can only understand the language of beatings cannot be counselled by words
# 22
Do tarah ke Indians hote hai ... ek jinpe tum bharaso nahi kar sakte ... aur doosre jinhe tum bardaasht nahi kar sakte
There are two types of Indians ... one on whom you cannot depend ... and other are whom you cannot tolerate
# 23
Jhulelal joh kamaal ... hot and sexy baby doll
It is God's grace ... that you are a hot and sexy baby doll
# 24
East or west never rest until you find the best
East or west never rest until you find the best
# 25
Jung mein jab shoot karne ka order dete hai toh, kab kahan kaise uska toh pata hota hai magar kyun ... fauji ko na yeh batate hai, na usse janane ka haq hota hai
In a war when you get an order to shoot, you know when, where and how to do that, but why ... a soldier is never told the reason behind it and neither does he have the right to know that
# 26
Usse haath milane ke baad ... haath ka ungliyan check karna zaroori hota hai
After shaking hands with him ... it is necessary to check the fingers on your hand
# 27
Emotion ke loose motion lag gaye hai
Your emotions are having a loose motion
# 28
Vaah re neeli chatri waale tu toh chatri kholke upar baith gaya ... aur lafde ka baarish mein main bheeg raha hai idhar
Oh god, you're sitting up there with a blue open umbrella ... and I'm the one here who is getting drenched in the rain of problems
# 29
Joh aadmi pehda hoke susu nahi sue karta hai ... bada hoke kitna bada suvar banega
A boy who sues instead of peeing when he is born ... will become the biggest plaintiff when he grows up
# 30
Arrey duniya waalon ne toh chand tak ko nahi chhoda ... toh ek abla besahara aurat ko kya chhodenge ... duniya ki ungliyan uspar uthti rahengi aur aurat ka dum ghutta rahega
People of the world have not left the moon alone ... then how will they leave an helpless woman alone ... the fingers of the world will keep pointing at her and she will keep suffocating
# 31
Tijori saaf, kaha suna maaf
Please pardon me, I've cleaned the vault
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