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Ashmit Patel

# 1
Galat rasta apni manzil tak kabhi nahi pahunch sakta ... aur us raste par chalne waale sirf gumrah ho jaate hai
A wrong path never reaches it's destination ... and those who walk on that path only get lost
# 2
Kanoon jab apne pe aata hai na ... na apne dekhta hai, na paraye
When the law comes to getting things done ... then it doesn't differentiate between dear ones and strangers
# 3
Insaaf ki chakki chalti bahut dheemi hai lekin pisti bahut bareek hai
The flour mill of justice runs very slowly but it grinds very granularly
# 4
Log meri baat yaad rakhte nahi ... balki yaad rakhne par majboor ho jaate hai
People don't remember what I say ... instead they're compelled to do so
# 5
Hum logon se yunhi nahi milte ... hum unhi se milte hai jinse hum mein milna hota hai
We don't meet people just like that ... we only meet those people whom we are supposed to meet
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