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Chandrachur Singh

# 1
Tum saans leti ho, toh mera dil dhadakta hai
When you breath, then my heart beats
# 2
Darke bhaag jaane waale darpok hote hai ... par binah wajah maar peet karne waale bahadur nahi ... ullu-ke-patthe hote hai
People who are scared and who runaway are cowards ... but people who fight for no reason are not strong ... they are fools
# 3
Agar ye sach hai ... toh main isse jhoot sabit kar doonga
If this is the truth ... then I will prove this to be a lie
# 4
Prem ka matlab samarpan hota hai ... issi liye main aaj, issi waqt apne aap ko tumpar samarpit karta hoon
Love means to surrender ... and that's why today, at this very moment, I am surrendering myself to you
# 5
Pyar ko chupana bhi toh pyar hota hai
To hide love is also love
# 6
Har kamyaab insaan ke peeche kisi na kisi aurat ka haath zaroor hota hai ... aur mere liye woh tum ho
Behind every successful man there is a woman ... and for me it is you
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