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Release Year - 1994
# 1
Achchi soorat bhi kya buri shai hai ... jisne daali buri nazar daali
A good looking face is also a bad thing ... whoever looks at it, looks with an evil eye
# 2
Aadmi ke dil aur maut ka koi bharosa nahi hai ... kab, kispar, kis waqt aa jaye time nikalke ... bata nahi sakta
A person's heart and death cannot be trusted ... when, on who, and at what time they come ... you can't say that
# 3
Duniya ke rachaita Brahma ne har insaan ka bhagya likhkar hi usse is duniya mein bheja hai ... sukh aur dukh uske zaroori ang hai ... is baat ko samajhkar joh jeeye us hi ka naam zindagi hai
Lord Brahma has written the destiny of every person that comes in this world ... happiness and sadness are important parts of it ... and those who understand that and live, know the real definition of life
# 4
Duniya mein bhale aadmi sirf do hai ... ek woh joh mar gaya aur doosra woh joh abhi pehda hi nahi hua
There are only two good people in this world ... one who has died and second who has not yet been born
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