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Rajeev Khandelwal

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# 21
Har aadmi ka nature same hota hai ... yeh unki aadatein hai joh unhe alag banati hai
Every person has the same nature ... it's their habits that make them different
# 22
Mere third degree ka dard zero degree ka ice bhi nahi mitta sakta ... aur yahi degree hamesha losers ko milti hai
Even the zero degree ice can't erase the pain from my third degree ... and always losers get this degree
# 23
Sach woh ujala hai joh subah hone se pehle hi dikhne lagta hai
Truth is that light which you can see even before the morning happens
# 24
Hum zindagi ko nahi ... zindagi humko plan karti hai
We don't plan our life ... our life plans us
# 25
Joh kholna hai khol dena ... dil mat kholna
Open whatever you want ... just don't open your heart
# 26
Police aur neta is system ka woh hissa hai jinhe chheda nahi jaata ... lekin agar baat hadh se aage badh jaaye toh chhoda bhi nahi jaata
The police and politicians are that part of our system which one should not touch ... but if they cross the limits then you don't leave them as well
# 27
Pati patni ka joh rishta hai woh rath ke do paiyon ki tarah hota hai ... ek bhi paiya toot gaya toh rath ka chalna mushkil ho jaata hai
The relationship between husband and wife is like the two wheels of a chariot ... even if one wheel breaks then it becomes hard for the chariot to move
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