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Archana Puran Singh

# 1
Hum baar baar tere dar pe aayenge ... aur ghanti bajake bhaag jayenge
I will come to your door multiple times ... and I will ring the bell and run away
# 2
Mohabbat karne waala door ho jaye ... toh nafrat se hi mohabbat karni padti hai
When the person you love becomes distant ... then you have to love hatred itself
# 3
Meri aankhon ki surahi se meri nazaro ka jaam pijiye ... dil cheez kya hai, aap meri jaan lijiye
Drink some wine of my eyesight from the jar of my eyes ... forget my heart, you can take my life
# 4
In aankhon ki masti ke mastane hazaaro hai ... kehne ko toh duniya mein maikhane hazaaro hai ... is shama faroza ke parwane hazaaro hai
There are thousands intoxicated by the passion of these eyes ... and it is said that there are thousands of bars in this world ... but there are thousands of lovers of this lighted candle
# 5
Mere kutte ko kutta bolega tu!
You will call my dog, a dog!
# 6
Ghajini ki aulad!
You son of Ghajini!
# 7
Aapko toh tauba karne ki fursat bhi mil gayi ... hum mein toh ek gunaah karne ke liye yeh zindagi bhi kam pad gayi
You have the time to forbid God ... and I found my whole life small, even to commit a single crime
# 8
Yeh system mujhe aaj tak samajh nahi aaya ... road par tezz chalao toh police pakadti hai ... race mein tezz chalao toh inaam milta hai
I haven't understood this system till today ... if you drive fast on the road then the police catches you ... but if you drive fast in a race then you are rewarded
# 9
Abhe saale cheenti ke chachere bhai
Hey you first cousin of an ant
# 10
Tu khali naam bol ... haddiyo ka visarjan kara doongi main
You simply tell me the name ... I will do the final rituals of their bones
# 11
Parathe maange toh chaante milenge
If you ask for flatbreads then you will get slaps
# 12
Akhbaar baad mein aata hai ... colony waale khabarein pehle chaap dete hai
The newspaper comes later ... first the people of this colony spread the news
# 13
Jaisi demand ... waisi supply
The demand ... drives the supply
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