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Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye

Release Year - 2005
# 1
Hum tanhaiyon se nahi, mehfilon se darte hai ... hum zamane se nahi, apne aap se darte hai ... yun toh bahut kuch khoya hai humne, na jaane kyun aapko khone se darte hai
I'm scared of parties and not loneliness ... I'm scared of myself and not the world ... I may have lost a lot, but I'm not sure why I'm scared of losing you
# 2
Pitaji ka naam, mataji ki shaan ... aur dono ke ishq mein phas gaya yeh gareeb insaan
My father's name and my mother's pride ... and in between the love of these two, this poor person was born
# 3
Zindagi mein pyar khone se aur pyar paane se badkar hai ... pyar karna
In life, bigger than losing love and getting love ... is falling in love
# 4
Na umeed hai, na sharaab hai ... soorat-e-haal kaafi kharab hai
Neither there is hope, nor there is alcohol ... and the condition of the face is very bad
# 5
Shaadi karne mein aur na karne mein ek cheez toh common hai ... pachtava
There is one thing common between getting married and not ... that is remorse
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