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Release Year - 1997
# 1
Jab jab dega Ravanraj adharm aur anyay ko bagaava ... tab tab aayenge adharm vinashi, yeh hai daava
Whenever the rule of Ravana will uprise for immorality and injustice ... then the destroyers of immorality will come, this is our challenge
# 2
Kanoon saboot ka mohtaj hai ... lekin jis din mere haath saboot laga ... tum logon ko pagal kutton ki tarah ghaseeta hua le jaonga
The law is dependent on the proof ... but the day I get the proof ... I'll drag you guys like mad dogs
# 3
Is zameen par itihaas hamesha apne aapko daurahta hai
On this land history always repeats itself
# 4
Insaan ko agar lalach ki pyaas lag jaye ... toh woh kitne hi rishton ka khoon kar sakta hai
Once a person becomes thirsty for greed ... then he can murder many relations
# 5
Joh aag bhujti nahi ... usse bhuja diya jaata hai
The fire that doesn't turn off by itself ... that fire is then turned off with force
# 6
Mitt nahi sakti insaaniyat, mitte chahe insaan ... gupt neeti chalaye jitni chahe haivaan ... kehti hai yeh dharti, kehta hai aasman ... dharm rakshak hai sabse hi mahaan
Humanity cannot be erased, even if humans gets erased ... no matter how many secret plans the devils make ... the land says that, the sky says that ... the protector of religion is the greatest person
# 7
Bina saboot ka mujrim bhi apradhi hota hai
A criminal without proof is also guilty
# 8
Zameen, jaidaat ka lalach hi kuch aaisa hove che ... ke jiske dil mein ek baar aa jave ... uske dil se saare rishton ki dor hi toot jaati hai
The greed of land and property is such that ... once it comes in someones heart ... then all the threads of relations break from their heart
Song Lyrics - Daava
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