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Release Year - 2018
# 1
Gareeb aadmi ko na ungli nahi karne ka sahab
Sir, you should never provoke a poor man
# 2
Surveillance mein listening is a fine art
In surveillance, listening is a fine art
# 3
Jab aapke paas options ho aur aap confuse hai ki aapko karna kya hai ... toss karlo ... kyun ki sikka jab hawa mein hota hai, ek pal aisa aata hai jab aapko ekdum clear ho jaata hai ... ki actually aapko kya chahiye
When you have options and when you're confused with what you should do ... then go for a toss ... because when the coin is in the air, then a moment comes when you become absolutely clear ... about what actually you need to do
# 4
Mann bairaagi, tann anuragi, kadam kadam dushwari hai ... jeevan jeena sahal na jaano bahut badi fankari hai ... auron jaise hokar bhi hum ba-izzat hai basti mein ... kuch logon ka seedhapan hai, kuch apni aiyaari hai
The heart is ascetic, the body is passionate, there's difficulty at every step ... living life isn't easy, it's an artistry ... being like everyone we still have a lot of honour in our settlement ... that's due to a little bit of simplicity of people and a little bit of our slyness
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