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Jeevan Daata

Release Year - 1991
# 1
Hamari duniya mein pehla mauka hi aakhri mauka hota hai ... chahe jeene ka ho, chahe marne ka
In our world the first chance is the last chance ... be it of living or dying
# 2
Dukh ek aaisi cheez hai ... usse jitna mehsoos karoge, woh utna hi badega
Sorrow is one such thing ... the more you feel it, the more it grows
# 3
Us kamine ko main dhoondkar aaisi sazaa doonga ... ki us sazaa ke naam se maut tak kaanp uthegi
I will find and punish that scoundrel in such a way that ... even death will tremble with the name of that punishment
# 4
Paap aur jurm ... na toh dharam maaf karta hai, na samaaj aur na hi kanoon
Sins and crimes ... are not forgiven by religion, by society and neither by the law
# 5
Jis din nazar aaoge na ... us din tumhari zindagi ko sametkar maut ki chaadar mein lapet doonga
The day I see you ... that day I will assemble your life and roll it into the bedsheet of death
# 6
Farz ko nibhate huye jeena hi hamare jeevan ka karz hai
It is the loan of our life to keep living by fulfilling our duty
# 7
Kanoon mujrim ke saath kabhi haath nahi milata ... uske haathon mein hathkadiyan pehnata hai
The law never shakes a hand with the criminal ... it puts on the handcuffs on his hands
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