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Release Year - 1989
# 1
Pati patni saath rehte rehte ek doosre ko itni achchi tarah janne lag jaate hai ... ki ek doosre ke liye aaina ban jaate hai
A husband and wife staying together understand each other so well ... that they become a mirror for each other
# 2
Jab dil mein paap ka andhera ho ... toh koi bhi pooja, kaisi bhi prarthana ujaala nahi kar sakti
When there is darkness in the heart from sins ... then no worship, no prayer can create brightness
# 3
Chahe insaan ki gardan ho ya telephone ka taar ... katne mein zyada waqt nahi lagta
Be it a human's neck or a telephone wire ... it doesn't take time to cut it
# 4
Beete dino ki yaad ka sahara toh tab liya jaata hai ... jab sirf yaadein hi reh gayi ho
You take the support of the past days ... when only memories are left
# 5
Kis bedardi se ujhada hai mera chaman ... ab main kahan bechunga dal sabzi aur mutton
With great brutality you have destroyed my garden ... now where will I sell vegetable lentil and mutton
# 6
Galati toh har insaan se hoti hai ... par maafi ka asli haqdar wohi hota hai joh galati karke pachtaye
Every person makes a mistake ... but only that person is worth an apology who repents after committing a mistake
# 7
Pagalpan bahut khatarnak bimari hoti hai ... jisse ho jaye uske liye bhi aur auron ke liye bhi
Becoming mad is a very dangerous illness ... for the one who goes through it and for others as well
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