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Release Year - 1989
# 1
In sarmayedaron ne kanoon ki haisiyat us andhe bikhari ki tarah bana di hai ... jisse apna pet bharne ke liye saboot ki rotiyan chahiye ... phir kyun na woh paap ke aate se bani ho aur gunaah ki bhatti mein pakki ho
These capitalists have turned the status of the law as that of a blind man ... who needs the bread of evidence to fill his stomach ... even if it is made from the dough of sins and cooked in the oven of crime
# 2
Tere is haramipan ki aaisi sazaa doonga ... ki cheel kauve bhi teri laash ko nahi nochenge
I'll punish you for this devilish act in such a way that ... even vultures and crows will not tear apart your dead body
# 3
Tum sabne milkar apni maa ka dhoodh utna nahi peeya hoga ... jitna is kameez par mera khoon baha hai ... ab tumhare khoon mein maa ka doodh raha nahi ... is liye tumhe chatti ka doodh yaad dilane chala aaya hoon
You guys all together might not have drunk so much mother's milk ... as much as there is blood on this shirt ... now since there is no mother's milk left in your blood ... that's why I've come to teach you guys a lesson
# 4
Woh log jinke kandhon par insaaf aur kanoon ki imaaratein khadi hai ... unke apne hi pair paap ke dal-dal mein dhasse hue hai
The people on whose shoulders the buildings of law and justice are standing ... their own feet are stuck in the bog of sins
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