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Main Solah Baras Ki

Release Year - 1998
# 1
Woh kaunsi mehakti hawa ka jhonka hai jis mein main dolna chahungi ... woh kaunsa bhavishya hai mere liye jiske haath mein main apna haath thamana chahungi ... woh kaunsa devta hai jiske bagair mera jeevan suna aur meri aatma adhoori hai ... aur woh kaunsa tirth staan hai jahan mere dil ka kisi dil se sangam hoga?
Where is the air with fragrance with which I would like to flow ... what is the future for me in whose hands I'll give my hands ... which is the god without whom my life is lonely and my soul is incomplete ... and which is that holy place where my heart will unite with another heart?
# 2
Parivar hi insaan ka gadh hai, qila hai ... joh kabhi tootna nahi chahiye
Family is the foundation and the fort of a person ... which should never break
# 3
Mere pyaase honthon pe kisi ke honth ... jaise amrit ke ghonth
Someone's lips on top of my thirsty lips ... are like a sip of nectar
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