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Desh Drohi

Release Year - 2008
# 1
Aulad pehda hote hi mar jaye toh ek dukh ... jawan hoke mare toh dugna dukh ... aur agar aulad tere jaisi nalayak pehda ho jaye ... toh zindagi bhar ka dukh
If a child dies when they are born then you feel sad ... if they die when they are young then you feel double sad ... but if the child born is useless like you ... then the sadness is their for life
# 2
Hindustan mein ek-atees rajya hai, solah-sau-athara bhasha, che-hazar-char-sau jaatiyan aur che dharm hone ke bawajood ... Hindustan ek hai
In India, inspite of there being 31 states, 1618 rationalized mother tongues, 6400 castes and 6 religions ... India is united
# 3
Yeh na hota toh koi doosra gham hona tha ... main toh woh hoon jise har haal mein bas rona tha
Had this not been there, then there would have been some other sorrow ... I am that person who had to cry no matter what
# 4
Jitni nafrat hamare liye tumhare dil mein hai ... usse zyada pyar tumhare liye hamare seene mein hai
The amount of hatred that you have for me in your heart ... more than that, I have love for you in my heart
# 5
Zindagi kabhi kabhi aaise modh par aa jaati hai ... jahan se koi U-turn nahi hota
Sometimes life comes at such a point ... from where there is no U-turn
# 6
Har roz lakhon hazaron phool khilte hai ... magar koi bhi phool apni marzi se kisi ke arthi par chadne ke liye nahi khilta
Everyday hundreds and thousands of flowers blossom ... but no flower blossoms to be placed on a bier at it's own wish
# 7
Jis ghar ka jawaan beta aadhi raat tak bahar rahe ... us ghar ke bade buzurgon ki aankhen bhi bahar hi rehti hai
The house in which the young children stay out till late in the night ... the eyes of the elders of that house, keep looking outside
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