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Release Year - 2008
# 1
Apni poori zindagi hi filmy hai
My whole life is cinematic
# 2
Aapki pehchaan woh nahi hoti joh koi aur aapko de ... aapki pehchaan woh hoti hai joh koi aapse le na sake
You identity is not something that someone else gives you ... your identity is something that no one else can take it from you
# 3
Star banne ki recipe bahut hi simple hai ... ek cup Amitabh ka talent li jiye, usse barson dheemi aanch par rakhiye ... uske baad us mein aada cup Shahrukh ka charm mila di jiye ... usse ubaaliye ... uske baad us mein do chamach Aamir ki intensity, ek chamach Hrithik ka dance ... is sabko achchi tarah mix kar di jiye ... uske baad us mein Salman ke looks ka takda laga di jiye ... bas aapka superstar tayaar hai
The recipe to become a star is very simple ... take one cup of Amitabh's talent, and cook it on slow gas for years ... after that add half a cup of Shahrukh's charm to it ... and boil it ... after that add two spoons of Aamir's intensity, one spoon of Hrithik's dance ... and mix well all of that together ... after that temper it with the spicy looks of Salman ... and then your superstar is ready
# 4
Is shehar mein jab roshni ki aadat padh jaye na ... toh andheron se darr lagne lagta hai
In this city when you get used to the light ... then you start fearing darkness
# 5
Blind khelkar jeetne ke liye kismat nahi ... himmat chahiye
You don't need luck to win when you are playing blind ... you need courage
# 6
Apun thopde pe makeup lagakar sab barobar kar sakta hai ... lekin andar ke insaan ko makeup kabhi nahi lagta hai
We can apply makeup on our face and make everything ok ... but we can never apply makeup to the person within you
# 7
Zindagi badi cheezon se nahi ... balki chote chote lamhon ko sametkar banti hai
Life is made by collecting small small moments ... and not by big things
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