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Chhailla Babu

Release Year - 1977
# 1
Goli ke bagair pistol bekaar hai ... aur akal ke bagair dono bekaar hai
A pistol is useless without a bullet ... and both of them are useless without a brain
# 2
Is duniya mein apne zakhm dikhane nahi chahiye ... varna yeh log marham ki jagah usse namak se bhar dete hai
You should not show your wounds in this world ... or else people will fill it with salt instead of ointment
# 3
Yeh haath bada ziddi hai ... gardan pakad le toh dum nikaal ke chhodta hai ... aur haath pakad le toh apna ke chhodta
This hand is very stubborn ... if it catches a neck then it leaves only after squeezing it ... and if it catches a hand then it leaves only after owning it
# 4
Malik ne hamari mitti kuch special kisam ki banai hai ... ki jis saanche mein dalo wohi roop dharan kar leta hai ... agar tange mein behta do toh tangewaala ban jata hoon, agar hawaijahaz mein behta do toh pilot ban jata hoon ... masjid mein mulla, mandir mein pandit ... aur agar dil mein behta do toh dilwaala
God has made my properties of a special kind ... in whichever shape you put me I adopt that shape ... if you make me sit in a horse cart then I become a horse cart driver, if you make me sit in an aeroplane then I become a pilot ... religious leader in a mosque, saint in a temple ... and if you put me in a heart then I become a lover
# 5
Khuda meherban toh gadha pehelwan ... sambhal meri jaan ... ek hi vaar mein dikhaon Hindustan
A donkey is strong if god is graceful ... but take care my friend ... or else I'll show you India in one shot
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