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Thanks Maa

Release Year - 2009
# 1
Marwadi log ke jeb mein na mawa rehta hai ... paisa woh log apni gand mein dalke rahte hai
Marwadi people keep tobacco powder in their pocket ... and they keep money in their ass
# 2
Kismat aur randi kab badal jayegi ... kisi ko pata nahi
When will destiny or a prostitute change ... no one knows that
# 3
Tereko dhai, tere bhai ko savah, tere baju waale ko hawa ... aaisa doonga phatka, zindagi bhar karega dawa
I'll give you 2.5, I'll give your brother 1.25, I'll give your neighbour some air ... and I'll give you such a shot, that you will apply ointment for life
# 4
Saala kaam ke baat pe bhi sota hai ... is liye tumhara kismat nahi jaagta hai
Bloody you sleep also when there is work ... that's why your luck doesn't rise for you
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