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Kitni Haseen Zindagi

Kitni Haseen Zindagi

Lucky Ali
Release Year - 2000
Lyrics Translation
Kitni haseen zindagi hai yehLife is so beautiful
Hothon pe jaise kahani haiIt's as if there's a story on my lips
Sadaa yahan kiska thikana haiNo one stays here forever
Unki rawani mein jaana haiWe have to go with the flow
Bahaaron ne harsu rang hai bikheraThe spring season has spread the colour everywhere
Ret ka sehra yeh ek pal ka dheraThis desert of sand is just a stop for a moment
Ek din bikharna yahanOne day we all have to fall here

Dil bhi kahin hai pahaadon meinMy heart is there somewhere in the mountains
Thoda sa kahin hai kinaaron meinIt's there somewhere in the shores

Phirke chali hai thandi hawaeinThe cool breeze has turned and it's blowing
Kya tum miloge humse jahan leke jaayeWill you meet me where this breeze takes me
Bheegi bheegi palkien, kamsin adayeinYour wet eyelids, your beautiful styles
Masoom chehra tera nahi bhool paayeAnd your innocent face, I can't forget all this

Tumhe bhi kabhi yeh satate haiDo they ever trouble you as well
Muskrake dil ko churate haiYour smile has stolen my heart away
Jeene ko toh dil yeh chahta haiMy heart wants to live openly
Jaane phir kyun sharmata haiBut I don't know why it's so shy
Dikhta nahi hai, sab kuch pata haiIt can't be seen but yet I know everything
Chupta nahi hai, dil jaan jaayeIt can't be hidden but yet my heart knows it
Ab rehna kisko yahanNow who wants to live here
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