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Kabhii Tumhhe (Female Version)

Lyrics Translation
Mere tumhare khwaab woh saareThe dreams that we've seen together
Dekhe the joh sach honge yahinThey'll come true over here
Honge juda na tumne kaha thaYou had said that we won't separate
Aayega pal yeh socha nahinAnd I'd never thought that this moment will come
Yeh bhi kaha tha tumne mujhe main door na jaungaYou had also said to me that you won't go far away

Dil ko mere na samajh aayaMy heart still doesn't understand
Tera bin bole chale jaanaAs to why you left without saying anything
Kabhi tumhe yaad meri aayeIf you ever miss me
Raah se meri guzar jaanaThen just come by my path

Tum agar manaoge toh maan jaungiI'll agree if you explain it to me
Main tere bulane pe laut aaungiI'll return if you call me
Har safar mein saath tera main yoon hi nibhaungiI'll accompany you in every journey just like this

Kabhi tumhe yaad meri aayeIf you ever miss me
Palkon ko apni utha lenaThen just open your eyes
Saaf dikhungi main tumko wahinYou'll see me very clearly over there itself
Joh na dikhun toh bata denaAnd if not then let me know
Kabhi mujhe der joh ho jaayeIf I ever get late
Waqt ko thoda bacha lenaThen just stop the time for me
Phir se milungi main tumko wahinYou'll find me where we were
Joh na milun toh saza denaAnd if not then punish me
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