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Release Year - 1985
# 1
Hum mein ek misaal kayam karni hogi ... jis mein ek insaan ka dukh saare shehar ka dukh ban jaye ... chot padosi ko lage toh dard saare mohalle ko ho ... aur woh mohalla saara Hindustan ho
We will have to set an example ... in which the grief of one person turns into the grief of the entire city ... if a neighbour gets injured then the pain is felt by the entire neighbourhood ... and may that neighbourhood be the entire country of India
# 2
Yeh kaisa zamana hai ... har shaksh begana hai ... har aankh pe parda hai ... har honth pe taala hai ... par aaise zamane mein koi toh maseeh hoga ... khudgarz nahi hoga, bedard nahi hoga ... zulmon ke khilaaf apni awaaz uthayega ... woh shaksh yahin hoga, woh shaksh yahin hoga
What kind of era is this ... everyone is a stranger ... there is a curtain on every eye ... there is a lock on every lip ... but in this era there might be someone who is the messenger of God ... he won't be selfish, he won't be unsympathetic ... he will raise his voice against injustice ... that person is somewhere here, that person is somewhere here
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