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Haatim Tai

Release Year - 1990
# 1
Ulfat ke raaste mein na deewar koi aaye ... jaise mile hai hum, khuda sabko yunhi milaye
No wall should come in between the path of love ... the way we have met, oh god please make everyone meet like this
# 2
Jiske dil mein Allah ka noor hota hai ... woh andha hokar bhi sab kuch dekh sakta hai
The one who has the light of god in his heart ... he can see everything even if he is blind
# 3
Bewafaa tujhko pukarenge zamane waale ... na chura aankh mere dil ko churane waale
The people of the world will call you unfaithful ... oh my love don't look away from me
# 4
Dil ko rahat sukoon nazaron ko, dono aalam pe tera sayaa hai ... husn-e-jaad karne waale ne tujhe kuch soch ke banaya hai
Relief to the heart and peace to the eyes, your shadow is in both conditions ... the creator of the body must have made you after thinking about something
# 5
Havas ek aaisi aag hai joh bujhane se aur badhakti hai ... aur anjaam yeh hota hai ki aag bujhti nahi hai ... magar bujhane waala jalkar raakh ho jaata hai
Lust is a type of fire which grows more when you try to extinguish it ... and the result is that the fire doesn't extinguish ... but the one who tries to extinguish it burns into ashes
# 6
Aapki kitni sachi paakh mohabbat hai ... arre sach kehte hai kehne waale, sach ko hamesha rahat hai
Your love is so true and pure ... and the people who say are saying the truth, that truth always brings relief
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