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Yeh Dooriyan

Love Aaj Kal (2020)
Lyrics Translation
Sach kahun toh honth jalte mereMy lips burn when I say the truth
Chup rahun toh saans hi na aayeI'm unable to breath when I stay silent
Mushkil hai bahut hi ab chupana ya batanaNow it's hard to hide it or say it
Zyada paas aana hai asal mein door jaanaComing closer in reality is actually going farther
Mere saath mere zakhm bhi hai dard bhi haiMy wounds and my pain are there with me
Jinse hai bighadta joh bhi chahun main bananaThey destroy whatever I want to make
Mujhe nazdeekiyon se miliCloseness has giving me
Yeh dooriyanThese distances
Yeh dooriyanThese distances

Na shikayat hai tujheWe both don't have any complaints
Shikayat na mujhe magar doori haiBut still the distance exists
Kya bhala roke humeinSo what's stopping us
Badhe na kyun kadam agar doori haiWhy don't our steps move closer if this distance exists
Poochun tere baare chadhte din se shaam se bhiI ask the dawn and the evening about you
Na hai chain teri yaad se bhi naam se bhiI don't find peace in just your memories and your name
Aisa kyun hua hai yeh pata hai jaante haiI know very well why all this is happening
Tujhse bhi mohabbat hai mohabbat kaam se bhiBecause I love you and I love my work as well
Yoon hi nazdeekiyon mein rahiIn closeness what has always been there are
Yeh dooriyanThese distances
Yeh dooriyanThese distances
Yeh dooriyanThese distances
Yeh dooriyanThese distances
Yeh dooriyanThese distances
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