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Dil ki class ki ghanti joh bajiWhen the bell rang of the heart's class
Aayi yaadein woh saari daud keThen all the memories rushed back to me
Kisse phir mile, haan rakh loon main unheI'll keep the stories that have united with me again
Kuch panne kitaabon ke mod keAnd also some pages of those books
Phir se woh gali hai tu joh le chaliYou've taken me once again on those paths
Toh thehrun main thoda sa yahinSo let me stay here for some time

Hoon ruka haan haan zindagiHey life, I've taken a pause
Tu badha haan haan zindagiHey life, move me forward
Hoon galat toh bata zindagiHey life, tell me if I'm wrong
Dede sach ka pata zindagiHey life, give me the address of truth

Ho pyare the bharam bhiMy delusions were adorable
Hum thode besharam bhiI was also a little shameless
Na koi thi shararat aakhriThere were no limits to my mischief
Bachpane mein joh satayeThose whom I had troubled in my childhood
The saamne par bhulayeI had forgotten them, but they were in front of me
Un yaaron se jeben phir bhariOnce again I've filled my pockets with those friends
Hoke rubaru ab aankhon mein bharunNow I'll fill the moments in my eyes that are in front of me
Woh lamhe joh jiye the kabhiAs I had lived those moments some time in the past

Ab bhale tu sata zindagiHey life, now it's alright if you bother me
Maaf teri khata zindagiHey life, I forgive you
Le main phir se chala zindagiHey life, I'm moving forward once again
Kyun ruka tha bhala zindagiHey life, why had I taken a pause to begin with
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